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Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting

10:00 August 7, 2012


3rd Quarter GCMC Transportation Advisory Committee

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Mr. Jed Dunkerson at 10:00 am on August 7, 2012 in the Medical Center Conference room. Members and advisors present were Ms. Lynne Moore, Mr. Robert Todorovich, Mr. Loran Hines, Mr. Joe Gilboy, Mr. Pat Sanders, Mr. Joel Lankford and Mr. Carl Sundstrom. A quorum was present.

Mr. Sundstrom read the minutes from the second quarterly meeting. A motion was made by Mr. Todorovich and seconded by Ms. Moore to accept the minutes.
The motion was unanimously passed.

Old Business:

The old van has been repaired to include the air conditioning. There still remains the issue of replacing the driver’s side door panel but this is not a safety issue. Mr. Sanders recommended calling Harlows to ascertain if they have a replacement part in their salvage inventory. Mrs. Moore will contact them and if a part is available, it will be purchased and used in correction of the existing door panel.

Monies are yet to be determined for transportation services within the state. The new van schedule has resulted in a decrease of one ridership in comparison to last year’s data. Utilization of the van will continue to be monitored. It was suggested to republish the schedule in the local newspaper as well as posting in the key areas of Granite County.

New lettering and the identification of the transportation number has been placed on the new van. The Granite County Medical Center logo was also attached in accordance with DOT requirements.

Mr. Sanders stated that there will be a transportation meeting in regard to “Ride Share” initiatives. Meeting will occur on August 9th. The goal of the group is to increase ridership and improve coordination.

New Business:

It was decided to potentially remove the radio from the old van and install them in the new van if a similar radio could be found. Mr. Dunkerson will check with Dunn Communication to determine if a replacement for the old van radio could be purchased. If the radio is available, purchase and replacement will occur. Band wave lengths were discussed to determine if they could be incorporated in the radios to improve communication. Tucker transportation and the county schools will be contacted.

The grant application for continued operational funding should be started soon. The application form is available online from Montana Department of Transportation. It was recommended that Mrs. Caroline Reel be contacted to initiate preparatory work on the grant. Mr. Sanders stated that the pending highway bill, federal, might affect on line grant applications. It was also discussed by the committee that next year a new grant should be submitted for a vehicle which should be a seven passenger mini-van.

Mr. Gilboy indicated that area five should receive approximately 25 thousand dollars from the state.

Non-agenda Items:

Since the dental trailer is fully owned, there was discussion regarding selling that trailer and placing the monies from the sale into the same cost center. Discussion also was related to utilizing the trailer for EOP. Mr. Lankford summarized the components of the grant application and will insure that timelines are satisfied as well as accurate data.

The fourth quarter meeting will be held on November 13, 2012 at 10:00 am in the medical center conference room. A motion for adjournment was made by Mr. Sundstrom and seconded by Mr. Todorovich. Meeting was adjourned at 10:40 am.

Mr. Jed Dunkerson, Chair


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