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Board of Trustees Meeting

6:00 April 25, 2012


Meeting was called to order by the chair Mr. Carl Sundstrom, at 6:02 pm at the Granite County Museum. Trustees present were, Mr. Bill Dirkes, Mr. Jim Waldbillig, Ms. Judy Friede, and Ms. Linda Cirincione.

Approval of Minutes:
A request for the minutes to be read was made. Mr. Carl Sundstrom and Mr. Bill Dirkes read the minutes. Mr. Carl Sundstrom moved to accept the minutes of March 2012 and Mr. Bill Dirkes seconded the motion. Motion unanimously passed.

Guest Speaker: Ms. T.J. Vietor
Ms. Vietor asked about the parts needed for the MRI connection. It was stated that nothing can be done until the electric elements are hooked up. The grant states that the parts must be U.S. made which makes it difficult to obtain the needed parts. Mr. Jim Waldbillig stated that the current transformer does not meet code where it is sitting next to the building, so they are going to move it out to the parking lot. The size is unknown. The current generator is not big enough to back it up. Ms. Vietor asked if the new electrical upgrade is only going to service the M.R. I. or will it help with our much needed generator? Mr. Jim Waldbillig stated that the current generator is a 65kv machine, and was installed new in 1975. It is not big enough for the needs now. Will look into what the electric upgrade will service. A suggestion was made to talk to Mr. Jed Dunkerson with the electrical questions. Ms. Vietor asked how much the upgrade is going to cost. Northwestern Energy is going to charge $8000.00 to move the transformer, and the electrician is going to charge $23,000.00 which includes all materials. Those costs do not include the cost of the generator. No actions have been taken as of yet except the stakes in the ground where it is to be located. Policy is in place to try to keep labor local. Was D.E.Q. grant money to be used for the exterior doors? Mr. Sundstrom will find out where the grant money is being used and that it is being used properly. David Lee stated that when a grant is written it must state exactly what the money is being used for and cannot be transferred to another project. Mr. Chris Miller stated that no wrongful accusations should be made. Ms. Vietor asked about whether we were ready for Monida to plug in. Ms. Jan Thomas responded by saying that no we are not ready yet. Ms. Vietor also asked about addition in the by-laws for handling grievances. Mr. Bill Dirkes volunteered to help in the grievance process, for Ms. Debbie Miller.

Administrators Report: No Administrators Report at this time

Financial Report: Ms. Jan Thomas (See Attachments)

Approval of Warrants: None

Trustee Report: None

Staff Report: None

Foundation Report: None

QA Report: Ms. Yolanda Schultz (Presentation – May contact for Attachments)

Old Business:
*Policy on Release of Minutes: Mr. Jim Waldbillig (Attachment) stated that the cost of copies is .50 cents per page. Ms. Cirincione stated that she feels that is too much money per page. Ms. Judy Friede stated that to make copies is an inconvenience to staff. Mr. Ken Burd feels that the charge for copies is ok according to code. Ms. Cirincione made a motion to reduce the copy fees from .50 cents per page to .25 cents per page. No second, Motion did not carry. A suggestion was made to put the Handbook on the website or to call ahead if they would like a copy printed out. Ms. Judy Friede asked for the release of minutes to be changed from Friday by 5:00 pm to 5-7 days (include all reports).

*Posting of the Agenda: Mr. Carl Sundstrom stated that the posting will be in the Philipsburg Mail the preceding Friday of the Meeting. A request was made to add the Hall Post Office, Hogan’s Ranch Supply, and the V.F.W. in Maxville to the postings.

*By Law Amendment: Mr. Jim Waldbillig motioned to Table the topic.
Ms. Judy Friede seconded the motion. Motion carried.

New Business:
*Interim CEO: Interviews to be set up with Ms. Renee Munyan. Ms. Linda Cirincione asked about who was providing the questions for the interviews. Questions for the interviews will be available to those involved in the interview process. Mr. Chris Miller stated that precautions need to be taken to keep separate the issues of “Public Participation” and “Public Interference”. Mr. Carl Sundstrom made a motion to keep the interview questions available only to the panel at this time. Mr. Bill Dirkes seconded the motion. Ms. Linda Cirincione opposed the motion. Motion carried. Ms. T.J. Vietor commented that no hasty decisions should be made, and not to be in too big of a hurry in the hiring process.

*Generator Grant: Mr. Carl Sundstrom wants a time set up to read through the grant. Mr. Bill Dirkes stated the new CEO should be in on the decision, and that it should be put on hold for now. Ms. Heath asked about the possibility of a propane generator. Mr. Frank Pawlak stated his disappointment in the board for not making a decision of the grant. Discussion Tabled.

*Lease Hold Agreement: It was stated that there is 2 years left on the lease. Mr. Bill Dirkes voiced a desire to keep the lease with the county. Mr. Jim Waldbillig stated that a decision needs to be made at least 9 months prior. Mr. Ken Burd feels we should start working on it now.

*Board Self-Evaluation: Mr. Carl Sundstrom stated the results of the Board Self Evaluation. Mr. Bill Dirkes feels it is a great tool for improvement.
*Public Comment: Mr. Frank Pawlak asked about the By Laws and Policies and Procedures being reviewed. Mr. Carl Sundstrom advised him to speak to Ms. Renee Munyan.

The next Board Meeting will be on Tuesday the 29th of May at 6:00 pm

Meeting was adjourned

Copy of April 25th, 2012 Board of Trustee Minutes are retained in the file located at the Granite County Medical Center.

_____________________________________ Dated:________________________
Carl Sundstrom, Chair Hospital District Board


Granite County Museum
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