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Healthy Montana Kids

July 1, 2011

About Healthy Montana Kids

HMK is a FREE or low-cost health coverage plan. The plan provides health coverage to eligible Montana children and teenagers up to age 19. A child can qualify for HMK based on family size and income (see chart below). There are no pre-existing condition limitations.

Some parents share in the cost of their children’s health care by paying a small co-payment when care is received. However, total co-payments for a benefit year will not exceed $215 per family.

Covered Services:

  • Office and clinic visits
  • Emergency services
  • Hospital services
  • Sports or employment physicals
  • Anesthesia services
  • Surgical services
  • Well-child checkups
  • Ambulance
  • Prescription drugs
  • Laboratory and X-ray services
  • Mental health services
  • Substance abuse services
  • Dental services
  • Vision exams and eyeglasses
  • Hearing exams/hearing aids
  • ...and more

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Children up to age 19
  • Montana residents
  • US citizens or qualified aliens
  • Household meets income guidelines for household size