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Board Minutes

Carl Sundstrom, Board Minutes, April 20, 2012

Draft March 26th, 2012 G.C.M.C. Board Meeting Draft

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. By Carl Sundstrom.

-Roll Call was taken and quorum was present.
-Acceptance of minutes from 02-07-2012 meeting. Motion to accept minutes made by Bill Dirkes, Motion seconded by Jim Waldbillig. Minutes were accepted.
-Motion to accept new board clerk Christina Mansfield made by Bill Dirkes, Motion seconded by JimWallbillig. Motion accepted
-Administrators Report:
Health Fair-May 8th
Jeff attended conference and will give an update at the next board meeting
C.T. meeting April 10th at 6:00p.m.
2012 Budget-Expenses, education to the board by 05-12 meeting

-Financial Report:
Checking, Accounts receivable, (bills not received), assets dental, prod. Tax, 246066, land, lease holding, lab equipment, 145 W. Madison Land, Liabilities,-payments.

-Cost Settlement: asked about by Nikki Graybeal-Jan explained
Mrs. Graybeal also asked for a printout of cost review.

Mrs. Pugh asked for some financials to be provided in advance.
Accounts Receivable- private pay is majority of “bad debt”
T.J. Vietor-asked about recently paid bill that she is still getting a statement for was told to see Jan.
-Trustee Reports
-Staff Report
-Foundation Report - Bill Dirkes
Public comment: Ken Graybeal wanted explanation of foundation.

-Trustee temporary vacancy selected: Linda Cirincione until May 8th.
Motion to accept Linda made by Bill Dirkes, motion seconded by Carl Sundstrom, motion carried.
-Financial: cannot have “privileged information”, no names, policy needs to cover MT codes-financial, e-mail, tape, disk
Ken Burd would like release of finances and minutes immediately.
Ken Burd and JimWaldbillig will chair a subcommittee and develop a policy on public availability of documents
Nikki Graybeal would like the financials available A.S.A.P.

-Provider credentialing report by Judy Friede
Discussion - Motion to accept credential report was made by Carl Sundstrom, motion seconded by Jim Waldbillig. Motion accepted
-Chris Miller had Linda Cirincione take oath of office.

-Contracts and Letters of Agreement: Discussion and Action.
Equipment - Privacy
-Mr. Jeff Prater contract 04-06-2011, 1yr. Contract
“Termination without cause” to be taken out of contracts.
-Approve to renew- Carl-no motion necessary because of automatic renewal statement.
Jay Hendricks wants shorter contract.
Ken Graybeal; cause for termination??
Dana Harvey; incident report - reason for termination
Chris Miller (Attny); disagree
Mr. Prater contract - 82,500/yr
Material breech (Lynda?? New law firm will look into it)

-Ballot Format; Chris Miller
3/2/1 year terms; yearly elections can run with school elections
If appointed must stand at the next election
Copy of ballot set up requested for board trustee terms
Define respective successor - recourse; appeal process; statute 53.G2
T.J. Vietor; Initial Appointment is different from subsequent elections
Chris Miller will get opinion of the Attorney General.

-By Laws Amendment - Discussion and Action
Error in process - must post and discuss

-Public comment: Nikki Graybeal - amendment read Sec 3c2g, document grievances. (Termination Grievances Only). Nikki Graybeal, T.J. Vietor - problem with the chain of command, wording-change the word “may” to “shall” or “will”. (look into wording)
Debbie Miller - who does she go to for a grievance?? Lines of authority - go to H.R. - mediation
Table motion for Handbook changes.
By laws will stand 03-2012

5 min. break @ 7:52 p.m. - - - - -Meeting called back to order @7:58 p.m.

-Alicia Hicks: Tri-county newsletter, Tri-county loop
-Judy Friede: Read a letter to the Philipsburg mail (letter attached)
-Elana Gagliano; brought up grant funds
-Ken Graybeal; wants an open meeting - not electronic - public hearing notice
-Nikki Graybeal; C.T. Scan meeting notice, by fliers, paper, e-mail - Communication
-Bill Dirkes; what is required on posting notices: if need change, need to have a reason,
Things are being done according to county policy right now.
-Elaine; wants board to go above and beyond what is required, wants notice in paper.
-Next board meeting will be April 25th at 6:00p.m. At the Museum in Philipsburg
-Sam Peterson; objection to pay raise for the past board clerk position. Wants seniority
Considered when giving raises.
-Darcy Shindler; appreciates not closing the Drummond Clinic. Debbie does a great job!
-Bill Dirkes; no intention of ever closing the Drummond Clinic
-Duane Ulrich; the board members are volunteer - we all should respect that! Moved to
Philipsburg because of the Hospital.
-Judy_____; board is obligated to know the rules and to stand by them.
-Debbie Miller;

Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.