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Special Board Meeting April 2012

Carl Sundstrom, Board Minutes, April 20, 2012

Granite County Hospital District Minutes – Special Meeting; April 20, 2012

Meeting was called to order by the chair, Mr. Carl Sundstrom, at 4:00 p.m. in the Granite County High School cafeteria. Trustees present were Mr. Jim Waldbillig, Mr. Bill Dirkes, Ms. Linda Cirincione, and Mr. Carl Sundstrom, a quorum was present.

Topic of Discussion: Mr. Prater’s resignation:
Motion to accept Mr. Prater’s resignation was made by Mr. Jim Waldbillig.
The Motion was seconded by Ms. Linda Cirincione. The motion carried unanimously.

Floor was opened for discussion as to what qualities are needed in a replacement Administrator. Several hospital staff, board members, and community members voiced the qualities that the new Administrator should have including but not limited to: Vision for the hospital, strong personality, good communication skills, experience (at least 5 yrs.), good moral and family values, a priority to improve patient care, marketing experience, willing to learn the system, must work well with others, confident, be a good leader, have integrity, be fair, be concerned with patient safety and care, no personal agenda, be willing to work as a team player, have a clear understanding of respect issues, take input from all, willingness to listen, and keep the needs of the hospital and community in mind.
Carl Sundstrom has spoken to Mr. Steve Carlson; the CEO of Community Hospital, made an offer at a cost of $50.00 an hour, plus lodging and meals and travel cost of .50c a mile, 3 times a week with no extra charge for his team.
Bill Dirkes brought up that the decision needs to be made for the hiring process to either take place in-house or from an outside source. Will meet in a week to decide on the hiring process.
Other concerns brought up were whether to have an interim management team or not, talking to other/multiple resources, possibly looking to St. Patrick’s Hospital, whether or not to have community involvement in the hiring process, and the interview process.
The Chair appointed Mr. Rick McGill, Ms. Jan Thomas, Ms. Renee Munyan, Mr. Frank Pawlak, and himself, to a committee to conduct telephone conference interviews of all candidates. Time and place will be determined and members notified.
Ms. Linda Cirincione suggested criteria for the person hired should involve advertisement for the position, looking for a permanent CEO, open forum for interviews (Sect. 9, article 2), have a representative of providers present for interviews, public forum, salary, and willingness to start ASAP.

Public Comment:
It was brought up that reference should be checked and on any and all applicants and a background check done.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

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Carl Sundstrom, Chair, Hospital District Board Dated