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Board of Trustees Special Meeting May 4, 2012

Draft Minutes, May 4, 2012


The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Carl Sundstrom at 6:00 pm at the Philipsburg High School cafeteria. Trustees present were Mr. Carl Sundstrom, Mr. Jim Waldbillig, Ms. Judy Friede, and Ms. Linda Cirincione. A quorum was present.

Reading of the minutes from the 04/20/2012 meeting.
A motion to accept the minutes with corrections, was made by Mr. Jim Waldbillig
The motion was seconded by Judy Friede. The motion carried unanimously.

Topic of Discussion: Interview and Hiring of Interim Administrator
Mr. Sundstrom explained that a teleconference interview took place with 2 individuals and 2 organizations. The questions asked were the same for all applicants. There were 21 questions and a score was given for their answers on a scale of 1-5. Ms. Renee Munyan tallied up all the scores and ranked all applicants according to the total scores.
Salary was discussed for the possible CEO comparing Mr. Prater’s salary without benefits. The money available for the new CEO’s salary was discussed with Ms. Jan Thomas and Ms. Renee Munyan.
Ms. Renee Munyan gave the ranking of the four candidates that were interviewed. The ranking came out as follows: St. Patrick’s Hospital came in 1st, Community Hospital came in 2nd, the individual from Deer Lodge came in 3rd, and the individual from Livingston came in 4th.
The Interview Committee has recommended that we enter into an agreement for an interim CEO with Joel Lankford out of St. Patrick’s Hospital.
Mr. Carl Sundstrom read the agreement (Attachment)
Questions were raised as to why Mr. Lankford will be on site for only 3 days. Mr. Sundstrom stated that although he will be on site for 3 days, he will be available 24/7 if needed. Mr. Lankford also has an assistant that will be available at no extra cost. The interim CEO contract is for up to 90 days and Ms. Renee Munyan stated that if Mr. Lankford wishes to terminate the contract he will have to give a 30 day notice, but if necessary we can terminate the contract immediately. Ms. Linda Cirincione expressed her disagreement with the choice for the interim CEO, as she preferred Community Hospital.
Questions were raised as to why the rush to hire a CEO so quickly. Mr. Sundstrom explained that we have to have a CEO in place by state law. Ms. Munyan also stated that without a CEO in place the state can shut down the hospital. The question was asked as to if the state will be satisfied with Mr. Lankford being on site for only 3 days. Ms. Munyan said yes they will because he will be on-call and available 24/7.
Mr. Lankford has expressed a desire to meet with the public, and will be available to do so in the future.
A motion to accept Joel Lankford from St. Patrick’s Hospital to be the interim CEO and sign the contract tonight was made by Ms. Judy Friede.
The motion was seconded by Mr. Jim Waldbillig.
A vote was taken: Mr. Sundstrom-Yes, Mr. Waldbillig-Yes, Ms. Judy Friede-Yes,
Ms. Linda Cirincione-No
The motion passed 3-1
Mr. Carl Sundstrom will sign the agreement and contact Mr. Lankford tonight. The state will be notified immediately of the Board's decision. Mr. Sundstrom thanked all those attending the meeting.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Mr. Jim Waldbillig. The motion was seconded by Mr. Carl Sundstrom. Motion carried
Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm

______________________________________ Dated:________________________
Carl Sundstrom, Chair Hospital District Board