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Residents Encouraged To Participate In Survey

J. Lankford, July 31, 2012

Granite County Medical Center is seeking input for their 2013 - 2016 Strategic Plan.

We are asking residents of Granite County to provide your views through a survey tool. This opportunity is available to all residents.

The survey tool requires use of the internet. Please click HERE to participate.

Just follow the directions on the survey and you are done!

The survey is completely confidential and will allow you to record your preferences, viewpoints and ideas for the future of the Medical Center.

Please be sure to perform the survey soon - the survey will close for input on 8/15/2012 so that the information can be compiled and provided as input for the planning process to the GCMC Board.

We will be posting this information at information boards all over the county. We will also be sure to get to senior centers and to residents in the Long Term Care Facility to be sure we get their preferences recorded. For most residents, we prefer that you use the survey tool so that we can tabulate the results quickly and automatically.

Thank you for you help - and your feedback.