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Consistency sought through new brand

Philipsburg Mail, June 1, 2011

Hospital Administrator Jeff Prater pointed out the logos and text on the medical center's vehicles across the street from his office window.

"We have a logo, but it has multiple looks to it," Prater told the Philipsburg Mail, "I really feel that communication is very important and I think the way we communicate reflects who we are."

After speaking with a number of staff about the multiple looks of the Granite County Medical Center's logo the idea emerged that throughout the facility a consistency should be established which the community will recognize.

"We didn't do it because the old logo was bad, we just want consistency," he said.

And the logo of the medical center will soon change. Prater explained that citizens throughout the County have the opportunity to vote on one of three new brands that will represent the hospital.

The administrator said that the concept of having the public vote on the hospital’s new brand is an effort to involve the community with the facility which they support. He said that the hospital is striving to grow a deeper relationship with the community through the effort.

"This, being their being their hospital, we would like for them to be the ones who choose what our next brand is," he said, "our goal is to create more credibility in the community."

And branding is one of the ways that Prater said he thinks that credibility can be further established. He explained that ones the votes are in on June 10 and an new logo is decided from them and announced on June 15 the hospital will immediately begin using the new brand and phasing out the previous one. The administrator said the goal will be for total integration of the new brand within 12 months.

"As possible we'll start to phase out the old logo and bring in the new logo," said Prater noting some changes will happen immediately after the decision, "this to me is the start of some of the foundation for opportunities to come to the hospital."

The new brand will be consistent throughout the medical center in their signs, vehicles, website, and advertisements.

"I think over the next year people will start to see and recognize that," he said.

The administrator said that the three brands in the running for the hospital were selected from nine potential looks by a graphic designer that has worked branding other hospitals. Prater said the consultant offered designs and suggestions for the effort free of charge.

"The goal was to have a variety of different looks and feels to the brands," he said.

To submit a choice for the new brand, people can visit the hospital's website at http://gcmedcenter.org/ and vote, visit or call the hospital at 859-3223, or use the advertisement in the Philipsburg Mail and drop it off at the clinic in Philipsburg or Drummond, the Sunshine Station, or Huffman's Grocery. Entires are due by June 10 at 5:00 p.m.