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GCMC Awarded HRSA Grant

GCMC Staff, Press Release, September 19, 2018
GCMC Awarded HRSA Grant

Healthy Granite County Network

In July the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) awarded the Granite County Medical Center a Network Planning Grant for the 2018-19 fiscal year. Under this grant the “Healthy Granite County Network” is being formed.

Kayla Sanders has been hired as the Project Director for this year-long process. “I am proud to be part of this process. As a member of the Granite County community, I am very excited about the potential improvements this could bring to us,” Sanders said.

The goal of this network is to bring together a group of health care, public health, community and education stakeholders to collaborate on a plan to improve Granite County’s healthcare services. Together, the network participants will work to create a realistic health improvement plan with identified projects, funding goals and timelines for completion.

There will be opportunities for community feedback throughout the planning process. Focus groups, surveys and community forums will be planned for the coming year. County wide collaboration is an integral part of the strategic planning process.

At fiscal year end, the resulting plan will be brought forward in an application to HRSA in an effort to receive a Rural Health Network Development grant. This larger, three-year grant would make it possible to put the network’s plan in place.

Kayla Sanders can be reached by E-Mail at: kayla.sanders@granitecmc.org.